Intel is a U.S.-based developer of semiconductor chips. The company invented the x86 series of microprocessors and this microprocessor is found in almost all the personal computers. Intel was formed in the year 1968 and was named as Integrated Electronics Corporation but the word Intel is coined form the word intelligence. Intel is also known for making motherboard chipsets and flash memory and graphic chips and embedded processors and also many other devices which are related to computers and also communications.

After the year 1990 Intel invested on the microprocessor for the personal computers and this became their major business. Intel is releasing a professional version of the CPU, which is the second generation Core and Core vPro. These are based on the previous version of the consumer chip and its micro architecture. It utilized the same technologies. The quick sync video was used for energizing the media and the turbo boost was used for increasing the performance. This was done when all the processing cores were utilized. The processing of the vPro functions were configured with the new host based feature. This was helpful because it let the configuration of thousands of personal computers together and within minutes. For people who are the users of laptops mainly and need to carry it outside their homes often, Intel has a new anti theft technology of the latest version 3.0.

The vPro processor will have another technology installed which will prevent any kind of unauthorized access to the system. This is possible by generating a six digit numerical password in every thirty seconds.