Cell phones, these days, are an indispensable device offering some of the most upgraded features to go with. GPS, Wi-Fi, Camera, Media Player, you name it and the cell phone has it. Hence, it is simply undesirable to even consider a cell phone that do not even have a 1GHz processor and this is precisely the reason why Intel is looking towards the smartphone market so keenly.

Intel (Integrated Electronics) Corporation is an USA based company. It also manufactures motherboard chipsets, flash memory, graphic chips, integrated circuits and various other devices related to communications and computing. After becoming ‘numero uno’ in the computing industry, it is finally all set to enter the largely competitive market of the cellular world.

Intel Atom- Now For Cell Phones Also

Market experts including Pankaj Kedia, iterate that Intel is not only interested in chip-design for Smartphone but, it is also looking to target the nascent ‘Tablet’ segment market with the same product.

The entire setup is based on the Atom Z6 series processor along with two other chips. This new Atom Z6 “system-on-a-chip” series is going to play the role of a powerhouse, assigned to do all the heavy-duty work that includes core data processing, as well as handling graphics, video and audio streams. The most distinctive characteristic of these microprocessors will be its power longevity that boasts of a potential stand by time of 10 days. Along with this, Moorestown creations in a phone will provide a whopping 5 hours of active battery time for watching videos or surfing the net.

Intel has announced the launch of the Atom Z6 series products in early 2011. To date, Intel atom chips were prevalent in Netbooks, adopted by all the major PC makers with unrivalled authority. However, with the introduction of the Atom chip for Tablets and Smartphone industry, the market scenario will become a whole lot exciting, to say the least.

What To Expect And What Not To

Intel being a pioneer in computing world, you can expect a little more from it than any other regular cell phone. It promises to bring the skills of computing and cellular technology in one scale. It is said that mobile usage will become as simple as entering a room, where you will need to switch on the lights and you will find everything in that one room rather than every room in the house. It supports strong graphic processing, hence you can expect an enhancement towards mobile gaming.

However, cell phones incorporated with Intel technology might not turn out economically convenient at the first slot. Currently, LG W990 is the star bid of the company. But there are queue ups for other manufacturers as well, that might come as a good news soon for the customers.

Future Of Intel In Cellular World

Cellular market is one of the largest booming business sectors the world over. It has one of the widest range of variations, with options like never before. Though Intel is very new in this sector but it is reputed to be the best. It has added never before features such as battery longevity of 10 days, in addition to super improved graphics and very friendly user interface.

Though the competition is widespread but it is a very flexible range. One can adapt with every growing day. All in all, I can say, Intel has the potential backup to be one of the next cellular giant.