BP has been in a lot of trouble with the oil spill being one of the most major ones that has ever happened. The fact that it has been under the sea and the company has only been able to stem the flow of oil into the oceans has caused a great environmental disaster. Over the past few months, a lot of oil has escaped into the vast oceans. As time goes by, the oil is spreading far and wide. Recently, Intel supercomputers have even said that the oil will not only reach the Florida coast, but could also reach all over the Eastern coast of the United States.

The research into the reach of the oil spill has been done by more than one team of researchers. The teams that researched into the facts are all from the Hawaii University and along with NCAR, the National Center for Atmospheric Research have done their programming with the supercomputers that have used various calculations and factors to come to the said conclusion.

Factors that determine the reach of the oil

The various factors that were taken into consideration when the calculation was made to identify the reach of the oil included the various tides that affect the coastlines from the area of the oil spill to the areas surrounding the place. The water currents of various localities in this particular season were also included to be part of the study. The wind strength and the direction of the wind was also included in the calculations as was the temperature of the water. The weight of the oil when t is compared to the water was also used to identify the possible reach of the oil because the weight of the particular oil in that area will play a major role in the reach of the oil.

The computations and calculations were made on a computer that used a complex system with XEON processors from Intel that used 3500 of these processors. There was already a program available that was used to calculate the flow of water in various oceans and this was superimposed by the weight of the oil and various other local factors. This helped to make super fast calculations and give out the results.

The effect of the Loop current

One of the major factors that will play a role in making the oil to spread to the East coast of the United States is the Loop current that is present in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a powerful current that has the potential to push the oil to a much larger area than what was previously thought to be possible. According to the calculation by the super computer, the oil will first reach the states on the East Coast like Carolinas, Florida and Georgia by the month of October. He states that are located to the North of these states may not be really affected by oil because it will get diluted in the water and the same effect is also true for the countries of Europe.

The fact that a lot of oil was lost is the major reason for the extent of the spill to affect such a large area.