In the latest developments of IT major, Intel Corporation is said to acquire McAfee for $7.7. The deal has not been completely finalized yet, as the shareholders of McAfee and government regulators are yet to give a final nod.

Intel and McAfee have concluded the deal at $48 per share, which is to be paid in cash.  Earlier market estimates suggested that Intel could have acquired for McAfee for a cheaper rate as the share prices of McAfee than the current estimates.

Intel has set three pillars of its business philosophy which sets to gain a greater share of the IT market. The pillar of Intel’s effective business strategy includes:

  1. Connectivity
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Security

Security in the latest pillar to be added as Intel seeks to streamline its technological achievements with great customer and client support through the Internet for emerging technologies.

According to analysts, Intel product base will be expanding in the near future as it will seek to make its chips and other hardware devices, that would be directed towards portable devices and emerging gadgets.  It does not only seek to expand its business priorities in the PC market, where it is already making revenues by selling latest computers chips including i5.  Secondly Intel sees large business propositions of streaming ahead of other IT giants like Qualcomm, who would be making similar deals in future to acquire companies and increase its market share.

According to Paul Otellini, Chief Executive officer of Intel, the deal completes Intel’s business philosophy of its three pillars.  He also stressed that in the emerging technologies of the IT world it becomes imperative to have a strong subsidiary such as McAfee to bolster its security sufficiency.