Intel has been setting benchmarks since its inception with its innovative techniques.Undoubtebly the countless invents of Intel has endless benefits to our lives. And the continuous efforts of Intel are expected to bring some more exciting and astonishing technology in near future. Intel has been endorsing into multiple programs to improve the technology. Even though Intel has been a continuous contributor there are few techniques that make it absolutely unique in the market and the launch of X58 chipset again made the competitors accept Intel’s jaw down efforts and expertise. NVIDIA which has been a competitor of Intel and has NVIDIA chipset motherboard dominating the market for long also faced challenges with the launch of the X58 chipset.


The scalable link interface which has been the unique selling feature of NVIDIA has now been taken over by Intel X58 chipset.SLI is the unique solution to link two or more video cards, which in turn helps the system to use more than one card. It just does not get constrained to SLI but also inhibit latency and increases the bandwidth. With PCI express interface, it offers great graphics performance. It gives instant access to data and premium digital sound and features of multiple audio streams and jack retasking.


Being the successor of Intel X48 chipset, the Intel X58 chipset works on QPI speed of 6.40 /s.It supports Intel core i7 processor family It also supports PCI express 2.0 graphics card.


• The SLI feature in Intel chipset made it take an upper hand over the NVIDIA motherboard, which also added to cost effectiveness. Where NVIDIA was charging sky high, Intel X58 got the similar features in the lowest cost.
• Intel X58 added to graphics interface which had exceptional graphical performances and gave flexibility to the users.
• In combination with Intel high definition audio the users get the benefit of premium digital sound.
• Intel X58 supported Matrix storage technology which allowed a fast and reliable access of information.
• In combination with rapid recovery, any data loss could easily be recovered by recovering the points in cases of massive data failures.

Therefore Intel was able to gain the attention of people all around the world with its extensive technique and good work to bring a break through to the dominant NVIDIA chipset. However there were still some features which give a lot of advantages to NVIDIA. Unlike NVIDIA, the Intel X58 could only support two graphics card and whenever the need of more than two cards arises, NVIDIA was to be the most trusted with its over clock ability to be fairly better than Intel chipsets. Thus the battle amongst both the brands still continues. But the invent of Intel X58 did give a hope of Intel gets the lead in the near future. The monopoly of Intel in the manufacturing of motherboards and processors still goes on and it would intensify even more with the passage of time. Intel has begun its efficient work towards manufacturing of competitive chipset with X58.