Oracle recently released a new collection of Oracle-Sun x86 servers, networking devices, and storage devices towards the end of June. The releases are expected to be highly conforming to the needs of customers with their advanced features. The new servers included in the Oracle-Sun x86 hardware lineup:

  • Sun Fire x2270 M2 – includes 1U, up to 2 sockets, 96 GB memory capable, Xeon 5600 processor.
  • Sun Fire x4170 M2 – includes 1U, up to 2 sockets, 144 GB memory capable, Xeon 5600.
  • Sun Fire x4270 M2 – includes 2U, up to 2 sockets, 144 GB memory capable, Xeon 5600.
  • Sun Fire x4470 – includes 2U, up to 4 sockets, 512 GB memory, Xeon 7500.
  • Sun Fire x4800 – includes 5U, up to 8 sockets, 1 TB memory capable, Xeon 7500.
  • Sun Blade x6270 M2 – includes up to 2 sockets, 144 GB memory capable, Xeon 5600.

The new servers are implanted with Intel’s ‘Xeon’ processors which were recently released in March. The servers are coupled with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet network blade, a storage blade,  and two 10 GbE switches that are based on the new Intel Xeon Processors. They will ship mainly with operating systems like ‘Solaris’, ‘Oracle VM’ and ‘Enterprise Linux’ but will also support other operating systems like ‘VMware’, ‘Red Hat’, ‘SUSE Linux distros’ and ‘Windows’.

With wide OS support and the Intel Xeon processor upgrade for the servers, conusmers have been pleased by the release. A unix/storage engineer called Tom Becchetti expresses his content with this feature:

“We’re .getting away from Solaris on x86, Our media servers were running Linux and Solaris, but we had stability issues with Solaris. So it’s like, OK, back to Linux.”

The director of product management, Dimitris Dovas, proudly explained that “there is a very vigorous quality process we put our products through. We need time for full integration with the new technology and appropriate testing of the new technology.” He has also claimed that Oracle had started shipment of the hardware in May for customer review and testing.

It seems that Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) is losing to Intel. Oracle hasn’t commented on their future relationship with AMD. No new talks have been made on AMD-based x86 hardware but rumors have been that AMD based server would be dropped by the company. However, the excutives have not confirm these rumors.

As senior director of product management, Graham Lovell said they “will continue to select the best chip components for [their] products going forward. [They] are still shipping AMD-based systems and have the opportunity to include AMD in future products.” Lovell is reluctant to discuss whether there are plans to include AMD in the product line or if they already have hardware with the new AMD release. Lovell justifies this by saying that Oracle does not discuss plans for components they have not released.