The Remote Kill Technology is the new technology introduced in the market by the Intel. Remote Kill is something that allows companies to control their computers and laptops in case they are stolen or accessed by any unauthorized user without the permission.

The Technology allows the sending of command in a remote control way to the laptops or computers for disabling any accessing of the operating system by the well managed disabling of the system used for encryption of data and other purposes in an operating system. It also disables the Laptop automatically if the call home feature does not activate in laptop for thirty days. Thus this feature is one of the most important one and consolidates the plus points of the technology and Origin Storage’s support for implementing it further increases the brand value of the technology.

How it Works?

The technology will start working when the call home feature gets deactivated or it will leave a mark where it is kept after being stolen. The mark or the signal generate on deactivation of the call home feature are to be tracked by the authorities to find out exact position and location of the computer or laptop.

The Director of the Origin Storage   adds further more about the technology by saying that the proposal about the Winmagic solution is not the one to be missed and is a strong one according to the concerns of the future market. Its is among one of those that  carries all the features related to installation, encryption and security within itself .In addition it contains other features related to security that were released  earlier this year in European Countries.

This Winmagic works at the most basic level and it starts its encrypting and decrypting process from the most bottom level possible and controls the results at the user level.

Thus the results can be seen easily but the operation on the background is not visible to the common users at the user level.

Thus the Launching of this technology in the market will decrease the theft of Laptops or Computers and thus reducing the need for more high level security features, software or equipments from the IT market No doubts that some time is required for errors corrections, rectifications, testing and thus the overall launching of the technology in the market. But once launched and companies started using it. It will be a great source for securing databases.

The Origin Storage’s director added that the Technology is still in early days of its full fledged development process but this is one of the best features that is a must for next generation computer and laptop users and thus cannot be ignored.

Though it may take time to co-ordinate with older laptops which cant carry out its implementation from the base level but its execution is must for making things secured to their best possible level.