Firefox 4 Beta is the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers on Internet . The new version of this browser is one of the secure and user friendly versions available. There are lots more new options available in the newest version of Firefox. The latest and the chief of which is the interactive audio with HTML5. This feature brings the super fast graphics and awesome audio quality to the web. The web developers can also use JAVA Script to read and write data. Firefox 4 Beta uses hardware accelerator to improve the audio quality for windows user and also for others. Other OS do not very much supporting the new Firefox 4 Beta version with interactive audio with HTML5. This is the one and only drawback of this new version of Firefox 4 Beta.

This feature will help users to interact with web in more creative way that images and     videos allow. This feature works with the help of HTML audio and video tags and Firefox audio data API. With the help oh this new API web users can interact and visualize the experience of speech and audio through Firefox. Web developers can also read and write the raw audio data on the Firefox 4 Beta. The Firefox 4 Beta is a whole new experience in terms of experiencing the speech and audio on internet browsers. HTML5 will also power the Firefox 4 Beta for the best web application of today and tomorrow. The HTML5 parser also gives Firefox 4 Beta full support for web audio, video, drag and drop facilities. HTML5 also give the browser file handling facility, it gives more attraction to the users.

Firefox 4 Beta gives you the freedom to enjoy improved graphics performance with the help of system hardware and DirectX. If Firefox will get the supported hardware, then it will use Direct2D to speed up the display of the web contents and it will surely gives more power to web. Firefox 4 Beta is the best when you are working on Windows platform. You can also experience audio with all new way like scrolling audio, audio wave visualization or as a sound spectrum and 3d animation audio.

Firefox 4 Beta is more secure than its previous versions. This is due to the availability of HTTP strict transport security. This will enable the browser to only connect with secure connections. So you just do not need to worry about security of the system and bugs. The main feature of this new version is the remembrance of the browser, it will remember all the sites with HSTS and it will connect to only those with secure sockets layer (SSL). The user interface of Firefox 4 Beta is one of the most attractive features in it. It has the ability to beat Google chrome in this respective area. As we told you about the security concerns of this browser, it comes with a number of bug fixers.