Microsoft has introduced ActiveX filtering in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), which was released recently. The ActiveX filter is considered to be helpful as it gives the user control while surfing. The filter provides the user with an ability to control which ActiveX elements will be active on the websites they access. This step taken by Microsoft is another attempt by the company to increase the security features of its browser. The new ActiveX Filter is an important component of Internet Explorer 9. Besides improving the security feature, Microsoft has enhanced the user interface of the browser buttons and tabs in Internet Explorer 9. The new version of Internet Explorer 9 features small scale user interface improvements to the address bar buttons in the browser. Internet Explorer 9 also has square tabs, besides the minor UI enhancement.

Microsoft has modified and upgraded the Download Manager in Internet Explorer 9, and now users can see the transfer speed of individual downloads without checking independent download speeds. The company has announced that Internet Explorer 9 Beta version has already exceeded 20 million downloads, which has made it the most downloaded IE beta version in the history of Internet Explorer. Microsoft has also revealed that the download rate of its beta version of Internet Explorer 9 has increased each month from the time it was released. The public release of Internet Explorer 9 includes some scale tweaks in functions of Internet Explorer, besides the much anticipated user interface changes. A new Tracking Protection feature is  also part of the latest release. This feature will address concerns of user who feel that their browsing activities are being tracked by somebody with malicious intent.

Internet Explorer 9 has better JavaScript performance as per the benchmarks of WebKit SunSpider. The new platform is the main reason behind the new UI. Internet Explorer 9 has already grabbed attention of developers, media and enthusiasts  and the browser is becoming popular.