Reports are coming from the tech arena that Libya has cut all the internet connections to block the flow of the communication. In Libya there is no democracy and press and the media is not free to express their views. The turmoil began from the February this year when people in Libya start protesting against its ruler Col. Muammar Gaddafi. As a result the dictator has decided to put a check on the medium of all the communication. Blockage of the Internet is considered as one of that kind of steps. As it has been said that communication is the most lethal weapon in the world because it unites the scattered people in the world and there are so many examples from the history that are enough to explain what an important role communication plays in such kind of revolt.

The whole exercise to ban Internet in the country is to put a check on the violence and the destructive forces. The move of the government came into light when it was reported that traffic of the Internet was slow and suddenly it was reported that all the websites from Libya were blocked.  Anyone can understand what happens if the way of communication is blocked?

There are reports coming from the portals like Google, which revealed that there is a slowdown in the traffic for YouTube videos all around the world. Although there is no news from the telecommunication department, whether mobile communication is still working or not as it is a well known fact that Libya has the largest no. of telephone users in North African countries. It is like a blow to the people of Libya who have put their lives at risk for the freedom of their country from tyranny.

It is now clear from the Google Transparency report, that Libyan government has blocked Internet network across the country. It is  believed that this step which is now taken by the Libyan government is driven by Egypt’s incidence which took place a few months back.