MeeGo is an open source project of Linux. It brings together the Moblin project which is being headed mainly by Intel Nokia into a single open source activity. MeeGo has integrated the experience and skills of two the significant development ecosystems. These ecosystems are versed in communications and computing technologies. The MeeGo project believes that these two pillars will form the technical foundations for next generation platforms. It will also have a great usage in the mobile and other devices.

MeeGo is considered a big deal regarding devices plus clouds which has currently become a big trend. It has seen two of the biggest industries that Nokia and Intel which have been combining efforts to create a Linux offering which is capable of competing with Windows. All this is possible on Apple and Google on phones and tablets. Its embedded operating systems function on anything from TVs to cars. The MeeGo version 1.0 received a relatively low release even after its potential hype because it had aimed at developers and device manufacturers.

What MeeGo has

• It optimizes performance. Its features enable development of rich computational and graphically oriented applications and other connected services.
• There is no compromise on the internet standards resulting in best web experiences.
• Linux manages the open source project organization. Also the state of Art Linux stack optimized for the size and capabilities of mobile devices including small footprints platforms as well.


Also MeeGo has been released (which will provide specific details regarding the combinations) only for netbooks while MeeGo 1.1 has been made for other handheld devices.

Nokia Partially Moving to MeeGo

Apart from this, Nokia has also announced that its N-series will move from Symbian to MeeGo in the future additions. However Nokia will not be Symbian entirely but its handsets will be switching to MeeGo.
MeeGo is not a Linux distribution but a platform built on it. It offers a user interface as well as a standard set of services for Internet, communications, media, graphics and data. When the MeeGo 1.0 was installed, everything including the WI-FI was hassle free. Although there are niggles but a cold boot takes over in two minutes. When resuming from sleep there is no option left other than power off and the trackpad works properly. The tap-to-click feature causes unexpected clicks and it can’t be disabled through the GUI. The icons on the toolbar of MeeGo’s Netbook UX appear in the form of a panel. The home panel is a kind of a portrayal of current activities and they show appointments, tasks, applications, status updates from social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Pre-configured applications can also be installed with the help of MeeGo Garage.

With its multiple functions, MeeGo has become popular among many companies so much so that Nokia which is one of the biggest companies has dropped Symbian and is opting for MeeGo for its future handsets of the N-series including its further additions.