Apple has been a pioneer in the high end gadgets market. As it came with iPhones, iPads popularity has also reached amazing levels. The newest gadget from the company, the iPad, is also gaining the same popularity and that too at an amazingly fast rate. As the competition becomes stiffer you can expect some great stuff coming your way. You can get amazing fun and benefits from these new gadgets as they are equipped with the latest technologies, agile software and high end systems.

The iPhone is already embedded with iOS 4, has a front facing camera with a good resolution display, folders, applications and other multimedia options, whereas these features are currently not available in the iPad. However, iPad has certain new and additional features which iPhone does not have. Here is a list of ways in which iOS will make iPad more useful for you.

  • Split-Screen Multitasking: iOS 4 may not give true multitasking as required, therefore an efficient multitasking that can be used is the audio streaming. You can easily access your mails, and social networking websites like twitter, facebook etc on your iPad.
  • Running iPhone 4 Apps in Full Resolution: A drawback with the iPad’s   iOS 4 is that it cannot run the iPhone 4 applications in spite of its excellent retina display.  But, we can hope that it is going to be modified as soon possible.
  • Running Multiple iPhone Apps at once: The iPad presently includes a feature of running the application on a very small window precisely and if 4 applications can run simultaneously on it, many more new ways can be found to make use of the application storehouse.
  • Deeper folder management: The wide display screen of iPad is useful in managing the folder, rather than a small display screen of iPhone where iOS 4 folders are in the form of small dots.
  • Face-Time and a Camera Dock: iPad does not have an option of Face-Time chat but it can add a camera dock that will let you have a video chat with the help of iOS 4.
  • Additional Multitouch Controls: An important thing is that the iPad and iPhone do not have the same features and working. Rather it adopts some multi-touch features similar to that of a MacBook.
  • Release the Rest of the Core Apps: Various applications that are available in the iPhone such as Weather, Vice Memos, Compass etc is also available for free download in iPad format.
  • Pop-up widgets: Pop up applications can also be a good idea for utilities such as calendars and other quick applications which can be accessed while you are working on some other application at the same time.
  • Centralized App Management: The applications which are capable of reading PDF files and Word files must be set as default in the iPad and doing this will prove to be of great help.
  • Document Clipboard: In an iPad the documents open up in a universal library and the iOS 3.2 allows only limited sharing among the users. The system creates a database with the help of which documents can be located easily.