It looks like the Apple iPad has a new addition to its ever-growing list of tablet PC contenders. Last March, Korean electronics giant Samsung announced that it will offer its own touchscreen tablet PC this year, a device which they promise will outperform and outclass the Apple iPad. Although no specifics (and no name) was then disclosed, Samsung hinted at using a more powerful processor like ARM’s Cortex-A9 to power desktop operations like Photoshop editing in its tablet PC. Besides beefing up the tablet PC with a desktop-class processor, the Samsung tablet PC also promised to offer a host of desktop connectivity options, something that Apple has so obviously overlooked on the iPad.

This week, the Korean online news hub Etnews has just leaked that the new Samsung tablet PC, tentatively dubbed the S-Pad, will be set for release in August this year. Juicy specs for the S-Pad were also revealed, amongst them, an Android OS under the hood and a 7-inch Super AMOLED display. This is not the first time that the Android is used in a tablet PC (think Google’s own Android Tablet and the WePad), but the use of a Super AMOLED on a tablet is a first, and one which is not surprising from Samsung, who was the first to use the technology in its Samsung Wave phone. Other reported features of the S-pad is WiFi and 3G connectivity available via SK Telecom, who will reportedly distribute the tablet locally. It will also have a USB dock (in honor of the iPad, perhaps?) and content from the Samsung Apps store as well as Kyobo books, Korea’s biggest bookstore.

All these reports are yet unconfirmed by Samsung, however. Tablet enthusiasts and iPad arena watchers will have to wait around for the official Samsung statement to be released. For the meantime, we can all sit and dream.