You will be quite astounded at these numbers but Apple is selling 200,000 iPads every week in the U.S. This number is leaving the Mac sales looking like small change. This extremely challenging statement was made by Mike Abramsky of RBC’s Capital Market who is an analyst. He has sent this astounding claim to investors. This claim puts the iPad as a front runner of Apple’s Mac line. The iPad is selling 110,000 units per week in the U. S. Compare that to the iPhone 3GS sales during the first quarter was touching the sales at 246,000 units in a week.

Abramsky has also made a statement that Apple stores spread around the U.S. are actually there on the waiting list just for the iPad. The tiny stock that these stores seem to have stored looks like there is WiFi only units. It is extremely hazy as to why there is such a big iPad shortage in the market. It may be because of a high demand or it could be that Apple is holding back some of the units and the stocks for its international launch which is due on the 28 May 2010. Mike Abramsky also believes that Apple has a pre-launch sell of 600,000 units in other countries. This will be the iPad summer launch.

Abramsky is a staunch believer in that the iPad can monopolize more than 25% of Apples myriad other products. Although it is extremely fuzzy and unclear as to where and how this monopolization will come to be from, will it be that the iPhone and iPods will also be involved along with the Macs. Besides that Abramsky also claims that Apple shall leap to a highly increased market share of financial revenue all because of the Mac. Just like Steve mentioned that it is better for Apple to take the first step and monopolize and eat into the competitors share then allow some other player to take the initiative and earn most of the pie.

The news however is this kind of monopolization could be pre-term. The findings presented by the online advertising firm Chitka shows that there is an almost 3% staggering hike in the Mac OS web traffic in the previous month itself. There could be a number of variables as to why this is happening. The explanations could be very different about the 3% point rise in the Mac OS web traffic. But, Chitka the online advertising agency had put forward a very strong claim that the numbers and the trends indicate that this rise is in the market share could be the iPad effect. The iPad effect in essence means that the users are being encouraged to go out and take a look at the Mac technology. The increase of sales in Mac is linked to the iPad.

It is quite early to predict this and is only an indicator of the market spectrum.