Nostalgia filled visual frenzy is how I felt after downloading the Uzu application and touching the screen. It is certainly more than breathtaking, to me all that small particles moving on the screen, simply cued by my fingers was totally exhilarating and fun. If you do want to get an idea of how it feels do download it today to feel the interactive art experience on your fingertips.

The man

Uzu is the created by New York based freelance iOS developer Jason Smith; who said the inspiration for this cool iPad application was his visits to Museum of Science and Industry, during his childhood days in Chicago.  Smith defines his application as “ Kinetic Multi-touch Particle Visualizer”.  With no prior experience with iOS, he who was mainly working with heavy Elicple’s Actionscript 3 work; found iOS experience easy to manure at the same time a totally new learning experience. Smith calls the Uzu app a ‘sweet pot’; the name in Japanese means vortex.

Brownian motion dance

You can watch several videos on youtube to see how the application works. Basically, Uzu app is stimulated by our touch on the screen; and it handles close to ten instances at every given time. Close to 3000 green, red and yellow particles move about in the screen in what is described as the dance inspired by Brownian motion. Some say there are up to 2.25 million calculations made while the particles react to your hand movement. Every particle has 25 properties to be precise attached to them. They are acceleration, HSV color, position, RGB color, velocity and varied number of other different oscillators.

Each particle

Each of the three thousand particles ranges between 0 to 20 pixels in width size. Open GL ES tracks and maintains each of them; and the number digits aka our finger movement on the iPad screen is the primary determining factor on deciding how the particles interact with each other.  Therefore, more fingers we move on the screen the more intense the particles become and higher the acceleration of their dance sequence.  All Particles initially stay at one place or plane and can occupy the same plane at all or at any one time. None of the particles collide with each other buy they just swim along and react with each other given the recipient a feeling of art creation.

Ozu application is available for download now and is priced at USD 99 cents. So after downloading the application try this single finger touch method. When you touch the screen with a single finger, you will notice the three most important things happening: first, you will understand the mentioned Brownian model-inspired dance moves; second, you will notice how the particles move away after a single finger touch; and finally when the particles reach the edge of the screen they will will move back towards the position of your finger, like following your finger trail. When you drag the finger along the screen, it will also be the same effect but the particles will move out against the direction that your finger had traveled. It is truly incredible experience.