Apple has released its latest iPhone based on 3G technology. This release of iPhone includes the latest 3G technology and a lot many awaited features. The previous release of iPhone was based on 2G technology and both the models of iPhone were released in 2008. The 3G model of iPhone is much better than 2G in terms of network and connectivity of the phone but still it lacks in some other features.

If you are thinking that every iOS 4.1 device would be compatible with social gaming platform and Apple’s Game Center then you will face trouble with iPhone latest release. The second-generation iPod touch was left out by Apple and the final compatibility list includes iPhone 3GS and 4 support. AppleInsider notes that 2nd generation iPod touch has similar hardware specs to the iPhone 3G in terms of game playability but it is not been compatible with the Game Center. However in the turn of events, 2nd generation iPod touch is now compatible, according to the Apple’s official Game Center website.

Clearly iPhone 3G is lacking a lot from its 2G release and this is quite a big mistake from the manufacturer. Both the model of iPhone 2G and 3G were released in 2008 but still the 2nd generation iPod touch is much faster than 3G. The clock speed of 2G iPhone model is 532MHz, whereas the clock speed of iPhone 3G’s is 412MHz. clearly there is a difference of more than 100MHz among these models but the odd thing is that the advance version of iPhone model lacks in speed. We can compare both the models anywhere except the concept of 2G and 3G. If we are comparing the processing speed among these then the 3G lacks with a speed of more than 100MHz. Apart from that if we are comparing the compatibility among these models 3G still lacks as it doesn’t provide support for Game centre and social networking web applications. iPhone 3G is suffering under the weight of slimmed down version of iOS 4 and there is no surprise to see that 3G won’t be compatible with Game Center. So, iPhone had take a lead mistake with its latest technology trend. Apart from all issues one should get stick to the latest trend and technologies. Sticking to the same belief iPhone also has developed its new breed but somewhere the manufacturers forget to impart its previous feature.

Looking both the models of iPhone at a glance we get a clear view about the iPhone manufacturer’s determination about their product. As no doubt that iPhone is a leading brand in the market but nobody could expect such a misfortune from this brand. Obviously somewhere iPhone manufacturers prove that they are not the best in the industry and this time they didn’t even succeed to beat their previous one. So we can say that this is a good news about 2nd generation iPod touch users that they are compatible with the Game Center and Apple’s new gaming and social networking applications but still the iPhone 3G lacks in these functions.