YouTube is online video providing or streaming service, which lets the person share his or her video of anything. Now a day, the Video which is in talks of the people who love to buy the iPhones, is the video called “iPhone4 vs.HTC Evo”. It is actually the YouTube parody of any iPhone-craving customer. This video has now become a big hit and has also become the certifiable hit of any Apple product. The hits on this video have been reached to more than 5 million views, and still the numbers are increasing every minute. The reason of this video to become famous is very easy to understand. The first thing to understand is that the Apple has the biggest user following. Everyone buys the product of the Apple. From Macs to iPods and from iPhones to iPads, Each and every Apple Inc. product is famous between people or the users of Apple.

Characters in the Video

The video is actually based on two characters, one is the retailer of Cellular Phone and the second avatar is of the lady who wants to buy the Apple iPhone 4. The attitude of the buyer person is not looking very good once she finds out that the retailer doesn’t have any of the iPhone 4 left for her. The customer or buyer avatar in this funny video shows the attitude of the person who must-have the iPhone or literally can’t live without having the all new iPhone 4. The genesis of the YouTube parody actually tells the story of the person who is very desperate to get an iPhone 4.

What’s Funny

In this video, when the retailer is ready to give another model or another phone, the customer is not looking very good in mood and she still calls for iPhone 4. When the retailer gets angry, he actually start talking with the bad language which is actually give us the image of the mind of companies other than Apple, and the failed retailers who are unable to make the customers agreed upon on buying the Cellular phone from any other cell phone manufacturer. The timing of the video “HTC Evo 4G versus the iPhone 4” is approximately four-minute. The warning of slang or vulgar language is also there. The warning is put up because of the use of bad language in the video has very bad words. it becomes ugly when the store clerk character crosses over into the absurd mode that is the part from where it gets interesting. It gets really ugly when the talk reach to the point where the clerk says “It prints money, it can grant up to three wishes, even if one of those wishes is for an iPhone”.  The customer’s response each time is “I don’t care”, which also makes the situation bad to worse.

Central Idea

The whole point of the video is to show that how desperate the people are when they are not getting what they want, and how desperate the companies get when they fail to deliver the products to the customers.