Despite of an impeccable and unequalled design of the new iPhone 4 from Apple, the users are not quite satisfied with its functioning. After having had problems with its antenna and screen, the phone has a new challenge to overthrow: glitches in its camera. These glitches have disrupted the camera system and can hinder video chat program, which is indeed a distinguished feature that makes the phone stand out.

The owners of the phone that is still in its infancy claimed that the camera application locks up immediately after the command is given, leaving the user devoid of taking any picture in one of the discussion boards on Apple’s website. Several users left comments and blogs, thereby creating a huge debate about the problem with some users even throwing suggestions for resolutions.

While few users have been able to use the camera after having restarted or rebooted the phone, others seemed to have a bad luck with the trial.

“When I open the camera application, the application opens, but right into a frozen state,” claimed a user on Apple’s discussion board. “I have even power cycled several times but in vain.”

Questioning a representative from Apple

Questioning a representative from Apple did not help much as she claimed to have had no idea about the problem and refused to comment further.
There has been no clear idea regarding the number of iPhones that are affected. For some users, the problem of not taking pictures is not the end of the story. They face problems with using FaceTime, the video chat program the phone features.

When the user started communicating with another user through FaceTime, the user at the other end did not receive any image, as he or she is supposed to, but a black screen. This problem unlike the other, as users reported, could not be resolved by rebooting.

In the case of few users, the camera worked when the user started using the rear-facing camera but when the user started the forward-facing camera, the application would lock itself u and not let the user take pictures from either sides. The only solution the users found to this menace was rebooting the phone.

Until the release of iPhone 4, Apple had faced problems with the antenna, which it had acknowledged would be hard while connecting to a wireless network if the users held the phone in a certain way. Users have also reported to have seen yellow discolorations on their iPhone sets. Despite of the growing discoveries of new problems, the sales of iPhones does not seem to be affected. Apple reportedly sold over 1.7 million iPhone 4s in the first three days of its release.

Apple has to come out with solution for these issues as it is tarnishing their images of quality products. iPhone is one of their major selling product and if consumer are going to face such common issues every now and then, it is going to affect sale and images of the company.