With the sleek and classic design that comes with a touch screen led screen, with a special kind of glass, stainless steel body, bigger battery, video calling, and a new microprocessor, iPhone 4 can be labeled prefect, but, just almost. As expected in any device, no matter how beautifully it is made, there will always be a glitch.

iPhone 4 Pros

  1. The design – the design of iPhone 4 is superb. It resembles the classic iPhone but entails so much more inside. The design can tell you so many things.
  2. Engineered Glass – covering the iPhone 4 with its glossy aluminosilicate glossy glass panels. This is the same kind of glass that is used for helicopters and high-speed-trains’ windshields. This glass is 30 times harder and 20 times stiffer than plastic; highly durable and much more resistant to scratch. With a plus that it is also recyclable.
  3. Retina Display – The highest resolution phone screen ever made with its 960 by 640 LCD display that comes with a 326 pixel density per inch.
  4. Stainless Steel Band – Utilizing an alloy made by Apple themselves that is forged to be 5 times comparable in strength from the standard steel. It also functions as the iPhone 4’s antennas.
  5. Apple A4 Processor – Can carry processes like editing videos, FaceTime calls, and multitasking with lesser battery consumption and hell smaller than any processor.
  6. Gyro + Accelerator – Included in the iPhone4 to provide a gaming experience beyond the usual. This technology can provide advanced motion sensing to provide better precision when you are playing games.
  7. 5 MP Camera + LED – The camera can provide stunningly beautiful shots and an incredible HD video. It has a backside illumination sensor that can cover the lowlight to have wonderful shots. The led flash is also utilized as the flash and when taking a video, it can serve as the light for the subject.
  8. Mic + Speaker – As other iPhone have their microphone with the headset, the iPhone4 provides a built-in mic and speaker for greater utilization of FaceTime calls. It can also serve functions of voice commands and memos.
  9. Multi-Touch – Unlike older iPhone that can only carry one touch, iPhone4 can carry multiple touches. Using innovative software that uses electrical signal fields.

iPhone 4 Glitches

According to reviews and comments of the product, there are several glitches for the iPhone4;

  1. LTE Technology – iPhone4 does not include LTE technology that provides greater speed and more data for users.
  2. FaceTime requires WiFi – The FaceTime requires a WiFi connection, but users would have loved it more when it was compatible for 3G technology.
  3. Signal Problem – When iPhone is tilted or held with the left hand, which is the usual for right handed people, the signal drops.

Apple has created a wonderful phone with a sleek design and unbelievable materials and technology, but then again, there is always a glitch. Apple suggests solutions such as using a case for your iPhone4 to solve the signal dilemma but then again, some users would want to experience iPhone bare.
IPhone4- The most beautiful phone there is, yet with a glitch.