With the success of iphone’s previous models, it now marches ahead and launches a new model named iPhone4. iPhone 4 has many competitors just waiting for it to be launched. The most lethal competitor to iphone4 is the new Samsung galaxy S. Both these gadgets show the supremacy of modern technology. Well both of these have some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare iphone4 to Samsung galaxy S.

iPhone4 and Samsung galaxy S: A comparison of the look and feel

Let’s start our comparison with the look and feel of both the monsters. Both of them come in black. Besides, iPhone makes its mark in white while Samsung chooses grey in the completion. The iPhone uses a scratch proof glass in the front and the back with a stainless steel band and weighs 137 grams. While Samsung Galaxy S is under HTC’s flagship Desire Smartphone, so it carries the same looks of the HTC smart phones and weighs 118 grams.  The iphone 4’s stainless steel band (which also doubles as the phones antenna) is definitely fascinating. Moreover, at just 9.3mm thick, it’s claimed to be one of the world’s thinnest Smartphone’s.  Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S has an all-plastic body, which is unsatisfactory given that it’s an A class Smartphone.

A Comparison of the internal components

Now let’s explore what’s inside these hoods. Iphone uses iOS 4.0 as its operating system while Samsung galaxy S uses Android v2 Touch wiz 3 UI. Though both of them use 1 GHz processors, iPhone uses one known as the A4 processor (the same processor used in ipad). While Samsung galaxy S uses 1 GB ARM Cortex A8 processor but the output of both won’t differ.  Besides, iPhone4 uses 3.5 inch display that does a 960×640 resolution while Samsung galaxy S uses a 4 inch display screen, and can do up to 800*480 resolution.

Camera , Video & Radio Capability

Both the gadgets use 5 megapixel camera but iphone4 goes way beyond Samsung here. Iphone4 uses a infrared LED flash which is absent in Samsung galaxy S. in addition to the extra hardware in iPhone4, there are some extra features like HD video recording at 720p (that makes 30 frames per second) and Face Time video calling over Wi-Fi feature. Samsung isn’t that far, giving auto focus with 720p and 30fps. Samsung Galaxy S can definitely give a tough time to iphone4.

iphone lacks in radio while Samsung Galaxy S comes with Stereo FM radio with RDS. So Iphone4 isn’t going to be a good phone for radio lovers.  Samsung Galaxy S comes in with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v3 and microUSB for connecting while iphone lacks Micro usb and has Wi-Fi with a standard Bluetooth 2.

Storage Capacity

iphone4 comes with 16 and 32 GB internal storage while Samsung Galaxy has 8 and 16 GB as its internal storage with a 512 mb RAM. Iphone4 comes in with a new feature called Gyro Axis which is similar to accelerometer but is quite sensitive and can also make use of 3 dimensions. This will help gamers and programmers to make special applications which will make iphone4 incredibly smart. While both the phones use proximity sensors and accelerometers for shifting displays to landscape or portrait.

Judging from the above facts and features, it’s clear that indeed iphone4 is a powerful phone but Samsung galaxy S too isn’t any far behind. It’s a battle of survival of the fittest and we hope the best one wins the heart of the consumers.