Though it’s not the first time Apple is sued for it’s hi tech gadgets, but the possible consumer lawsuit featuring iphone 4 has created ripples across the world. Apple admirers who had spent a fortune to own this charismatic gadget are now facing serious problems with it. A law- firm based in California is trolling for buyers disappointed with the performance of this device and especially its antenna. The law firm might be eyeing to launch a class-action suit against the electronic giant Apple.

The website maintained by Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff located in Sacramento clearly proclaims the fact that they would like to hear from the customers who have recently purchased iphone 4 and experienced poor signals, dropped calls and bad reception quality. The note on their site emphasizes that they are presently investigating the potential problems faced by the customers who have bought iphone 4.

The most common allegation against the iphone 4 is that this smartphone drops signal immediately when the left corner of the bottom of the gadget is covered by the user’s hand. This is a very common hassle faced especially by the left handed users. Though Apple is not facing such accusations regarding iphone for the first time but this time the issue has been bloated to an international level.

Apple and its partner AT&T have faced lawsuits several times by attorneys standing for the consumers tired of spotty reception, slower download speed and numerous other issues. Every time the company is accused of advertising improper information regarding the various iphone versions. The twist in the story comes because Apple has actually conceded to the fact that antenna glitch of iphone 4 is not a mere fabrication of southpaw imagination.

Last week, one of the Apple’s spokespersons came up with the a statement that antenna performance gets attenuated to some extent when gripped strongly. The weakening gets worse on some areas depending on the antenna placement. Though gadget freaks have come up with a somewhat temporary solution to this recurring problem but Apple fans who have shelled out huge amounts for the device are not ready to accept it.

A video post on Youtube shows that the problem of antenna can be solved by sticking cellophane tape to the affected areas. But iphone 4 owners are not much sport with the idea of gumming up their hi- tech gadget with Scotch tape. The fact is that they shouldn’t agree to such ridiculous solutions as it will damage the smart look of the phone.

The law firm is all geared up to collect discontented buyers and drag Apple to court for justice. Glitchy reception being the foremost reason of faltering performance, Apple might have to be ready with proper explanation. Though iphone4 is a phenomenal addition to the glitzy list of Apple smartphones, but when it comes to performance, it has failed to meet the expectations of the buyers. So, lawsuit is looming large over Apple and this time they might have to work out some compensatory scheme.