Apple’s iPhone are very much loved by people and they are desperately waiting for the newer gadget iPhone 4. They seem to be overwhelmed by the arrival of iPhone 4 and this is why they are looking for the ways to preorder the phone.

The gadget lovers, throngs of geeks and the iPhone fanatics had been thwarted by the unknown problems of the technology which had stopped those people from the preorders of the iPhone 4 which is to be delivered on June 24. Apple along with AT&T started to offer these preorders during the start of the morning. There was some software malfunctioning in the customer database of AT&T which had brought whole of the enterprise to a shrieking stop for many hours.

Problems with Apple and AT&T website

During the start of the day there were many complaints which echoed in the tubes of the Internet. This was due to the reason that the websites of both Apple and AT&T started to show errors and time outs and what was told to the users was the reason that due to the unprecedented number of people tried to place the preorders these websites were showing such problems. Many of the readers had a better luck that they could use the system of Apple at the Apple Store retail location for reserving the preorders for the iPhone 4 instead of placing the order through their website. That system was also overloaded with the requests as still it needs to hook in to the system of AT&T for the sake of verifying the details of the customers.

Placing the order to iPhone 4 – finding the right way

It was then told to the people who wish to place their orders for the phone that they could do so with the help of the new app of Apple Store iPhone of Apple and can place their reservations from there, with bypassing the system of AT&T altogether. However, after some time later, there were again scattered messages for the customers that the reservations of the iPhone with the help of the iPhone app were also not possible as they were also rejected.

Root of the problem

According to one unnamed source who was talking to Gizmodo, the reason behind all of these problems was an update which was made to the customer database of AT&T that was done on the weekend. It was claimed by the source that there was no testing done for this particular update made to the customer database and it started giving access to the users, who were logging in to their customer accounts, to the account information of the other customers of AT&T. the consequences of this was that AT&T had been reportedly forced for switching off the customer database, that in return created the problems with the preorders that were done from both Apple and AT&T. In the recent times, this is considered to be the second thwarting breach of the customer data done by AT&T.

It is hoped that both Apple and AT&T would consider these problems and work to sort out the problems of preorder. Neither Apple nor AT&T responded to comment on the preorder debacle.