If the old adage ‘don’t mix business with pleasure” hasn’t had a chance to bite your, um, backend yet, well you’re lucky. Really lucky. After a series of unfortunate events, the iPhone 4G got leaked to the public. No thanks to the now considered priciest beer in the world at Gourmet Haus Staudt, a beer garden at Redwood City, not far from Apple’s campus.

Gizmodo reported an anonymous lucky fellow helped the iPhone 4G find its way to its offices. Doubtful at first, Gizmodo thought the find was just a ridiculous claim. After tinkering with it though, Gizmodo confirmed that it was real and they now have juicy revelations about the device. Well, no amount of sleuthing and covert operations could have put this on Gizmodo’s lap since Apple takes product innovations’ security seriously. Another person’s mishap is another—in this case, techblog’s scoop.

Apparently Gourmet Haus Staudt beers induce temporary insanity—because it would totally insane to put your job on the line consciously—as in the case of Apple Software Engineer Gray Powell. After a few hours of merry making on March 18th, Powell’s company left the bar and forgot the iPhone on a stool. The finder, did not notice it at first but another drunken fellow gave it to him thinking it was his friend’s. No idea that he held the newest test model for the iPhone 4G, the finder took a whole night before he realized he was holding something really valuable. The finder, did try to contact Apple numbers on the phone but nobody believed him.

Gizmodo tried to contact Powell , when they got the device weeks later. Amazingly, Powell’s head was still intact but he seemed evasive when Gizmodo people talked to him.

This leak might be a million to one chance happening so don’t get your hopes up and start stalking Apple people during their off time. They have learned a lesson and they have Powell to thank for that. Under stably, Powell is still as talented as before he lost the iPhone 4G. He might have to live with this error though and probably has kicked himself quite a few times. Some empathy would help.