It’s once in a blue moon that such incidents happen accidently or are meant to happen. To everyone’s surprise the first glimpse of Apple’s iPhone 4G, were leaked recently. One may call it a publicity stunt, or a marketing gimmick but the news is certainly good for the iPhone users.

Due to conflicting media reports, and various gadget blog it’s not even certain if Apple has any plans of releasing iPhone 4G.  However according to various media reports, an iPhone 4G was found on the floor of a bar. Later on there were various photos circulated throughout the Internet, that claimed that there was an actual video footage of the device.

Apple is always keen to censure, any information regarding its product launch. Even if there is any news of a release, the product is always showcased on the launch dates. Apple has however not come out with any clarification of the leaked reports, however it’s too good to be certain as of know if an iPhone 4G was actually found.

What seems to be an impression set through the Internet, it seems implausible that Apple will be releasing any gadget too soon, as its not finished dealing with the iPad yet.