Despite doubts that it may not be ready for a complete release, Nuance believes that its new voice-to text technology is ready for global market. To clearly prove its point, the company is launching its software applications for the iPhone in Britain.

The technology, (Dragon search) allows its users to speak directly into the phone instead of text typing.

New products

Dragon direction can be able to record a message for up to 30 seconds. The message can later be sent through text or trough e-mail. In the hopes that they will later on receive approval for the British market, both applications have been submitted to Apple. The apps are already available for free in the United States.

How it functions

When using the Dragon Search, a rotational system of results from sites like Google, Yahoo, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia and iTune store are made available. A single voice command can grab music, videos, news, shopping and many other opportunities.

From its launch up to date, a total of 3.7 million downloads have been completed. The adoption of voice-to-text software has been adversely helped by the by the ever-growing technology of touch-screen only devices.

Hyping for its products

As part of a significant marketing campaign strategy, the company is planning to offer its iPhone apps for free in Britain. The company hopes that by doing so, its British consumers will eventually get a taste of what Nuance has to offer in the days ahead and go on to buy the more fashionable software packages on offer.

Word from Analysts

“The samples of devices that we see at the present are enormously robust than those we’ve been seeing in previous years. Really, they’re like mini computers. There are more advanced features, added onboard memory.” This was from Mr. Toung Nguyen, a mobile devices analyst at Gartner, at a Reuters. He strongly believes that Nuance will have an uphill task in trying to convince its clients that voice-to-text software is worth the effort. The company had tried to gain acceptance before, but it tried to launch too soon.

According to Nguyen, there is considerable potential in the market for this kind of software, even though it was still limited to more expensive phones. On a rather positive note, the market continues to grow as there are more and more customers on the process of adopting smartphones.

Additional feature

The company is expecting additional language support in future. This is scheduled for late July. Among the languages listed will include German. Other languages, though not specified, are said to arrive later in the year as the company sets to heighten its technological contribution to the European market.

The most sophisticated mobile device of this time iPhone market everyday, thus this step by Naunce could enlighten them with more profit.