Jump to a store and get yourself a Blackberry or an iPhone now or never. I just saw an article and title sets me back and I could not stop writing this one. .

We all know that both Apple and Blackberry do not encourage Symbian and Android in their gadget. But is this the only reason for that comment by the CEO of the famous anti-virus software company? What if I say yes to this question? He added that the increasing variety of virus and malware attacking and available would make the job tough for both the giants. If we throw a stone it would definitely hit a person who has a smart phone and that’s the market of smart phone in this tech geek World. On account of this the CEO said the more the consumers of smart phones the more the gadget would be prone to security lapses. You are out of a business meeting and you have decided to hang out in a bar nearby after stressful hours. You check in the bar to see a message popping up in your blackberry saying someone likes to connect you to your phone and you find no one in the bar. Phew! This is the situation Eugene Kaspersky was quoting. It is said that there are nearly 150 different viruses that are prone to affect the smart phone you posses and everyday it would be a nightmare without having a proper protection for your mobile.

Think of a situation when someone gets all your contact and infringes your mobile. That’s very fatal than affecting the system. Having a phone with Android or Symbian may solve this problem. But does this stop the sales of an iPhone or a Blackberry? Latest news is that the new ikee worm and iPhone/Privacy attacks on IPhone have created a ripple Would you stop buying the most creative and stylish iPhone if someone nearby your house is affected by a virus because of his carelessness. The kind of features the two smart phones provide will drag you to be their loyal customers but there are some exceptions too where some people look beyond the accessories and peep into the specifications and say that the phone does not have a Symbian or an Android OS. A study has revealed that more than 55% of the users in US browse the internet through Apple IPhone and 20% through Blackberry. Does this tamper the above said statement by the CEO? Even with a closed operating system (OS), the iPhone has managed to hit the sales of 131%.. One cannot predict the future about the two Smartphone giants but one thing would be sure that there would be only a few people standing or defending what the CEO of Kaspersky said!