iPhone and iPad fever is something that everyone has been influenced with ever since these products have been launched. At times, it seems as if the iPhone and iPad have become more of an inspiration to almost all the people around the world. There have been numerous telecom operators around the world who have packaged iPhone and iPad with their deals just to attract peoples in the deals.

China Telecom wishes to offer iPhone:

China Telecom is intending to come up with the same feature in the near future as they have been indicating their wish to offer iPhone and iPad with the connections at some part of the future. The source has not been named by anyone but still there seems to be quite a strong stipulation about this. The company is still interested in getting the iPhone packaged with their deals so that they can attract the customers with the 3G services that they offer but the issue that persists is that they are using CDMA technology that is coming up as a hurdle.

The company is positive about having iPhone on their deals and state that they are going to wait and watch if Apple is going to come up with the CDMA version of the phone. There are people who have been stating about Apple working on an iPhone CDMA lately but there has been no response from Apple on this issue so far. China Telecom has to wait so that Apple releases the CDMA version to be used with all the CDMA operators around the world.

iPhone CDMA:

There have been a number of rumors around the market about the launch of iPhone CDMA in the very near future and there are subtle chances that you see one pretty soon. The Pegatron is said to be providing the CDMA version of iPhone 4 from Shanghai plant to Apple in the last quarter of this year. The iPhone 4 CDMA will launch right parallel to the annual iPod event. There are further rumors that Apple already has a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 that it has primarily made for Verizon.

AT&T has been carrying the iPhone as the only service provider since the phone was launched in 2007 but this time, it is expected that AT&T will move on to something else but not iPhone 4 again and Verizon will be coming with the CDMA version of the phone in the very near future; most probably in the start of year 2011. There has been no deal reported by the officials but still there are subtle chances that such a deal might occur.

The CDMA version will not only help Verizon finalizing the deal but the CDMA version will be benefits to other operators around the world as well. China Telecom will be certainly pleased with this as they are already having the plan in the pipeline.