When Smartphones came into the view, technology companies began capitalizing and developing ideas related to Smartphones. Apple Company developed the iPhone and immediately, people are clamoring to get this phone. One after another, new breed of iPhones are developed and the most successful one was the iPhone 3.

After iPhone 3 came out into the market, customers are anxiously waiting for the next in line iPhone that Apple will produce. What features does it have that iPhone 4 doesn’t have? Will it be able to outdo its predecessor?

Below thetarget

When Apple released iPhone 4, it was immediately accepted in the market. Lots of buyers are already lining up to get this latest version of Apple’s newest technology. However, barely a month after iPhone 4 was released, comments and reviews about the phone immediately flooded the web. Several users criticize the new phone. They expected that it is better than iPhone 3. However, iPhone 4 has more flaws than that of iPhone 3. Users reviewed that iPhone 4 hit just below the target of the user’s expectations.

Coming soon

Motorola also gets into the scene of smart phones. And this year, it will release its latest smart phone, the Droid X. Sounds like some kind of Star Wars things, eh? Almost the same. Star Wars droids often have all around tasks. They can do several tasks than its robot counterparts. In this case, Motorola;s Droid X also has features that iPhone is lacking. Now, this is the feature that is very noticeable that iPhone doesn’t have. There may be other features that Droid X has but that would be coming soon; upon the official release of the Droid.

All in One

What I said about the noticeable feature of this smart phone is the ability to connect to MiFi and 3g as well. So, instead of carrying around a laptop with 3G and a smart phone with MiFi, Motorola gives you a better option at it. It is said that some tech savvy people punish themselves by carrying a laptop with 3g connections; and a phone with a MiFi connection. Now, Droid X’s capability would help a lot of these “tech savvy” people. Another good thing about this feature is that the cost will be for only one device. Instead of paying for the internet connection of the laptop and another expense for connecting to the internet using the phone, all you need to pay is for the internet connection of the phone only.

A great name with a great feature, Motorola surely leapt another smart phone’s boundary. How I just wish that this Droid would also be able to answer text messages for me. Now, that would be a smarter one, is it?