Relocating emergency contacts and hospitals is always a fuss during traumatic situations. The Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with the iPhone foundation has given way for the new application that has been very instrumental in finding the nearest hospital or emergency station during chaotic or medical emergency situation.

The digital revolution has made our life simpler and the world is now at the footsteps. Tracking anything is now virtually possible and our fingertips. The researchers from the Emergency Medicine Network at Massachusetts General Hospital have now come up with a really cool application that lets you to find the nearest emergency centers and hospitals. This application also provides feature to show you the path to the targeted hospital. Thus you can now navigate very easily through the entire city and find the desired hospital within minutes. This service has been started by the initiative of Dr Carlos A. Camargo, an MGH emergency department physician and director of EMNet. The system has a full database of 5000 emergency departments.

The Need for the Application

During severe cases of burn, asthma or heart attack when there is very less amount of time to react and go to the hospital, this application acts as life saver. Minimizing the time in the decision making process and the time involved in finding the way to the hospital. A path bender application as it, shall always find its way through the crowd of all the other applications. The Massachusetts general hospital has always been providing welfare services to the mankind beyond the normal means. This application is a result of the extensive research and the development took years of manual work. The application was set to launch in the native Symbian platform but the popularity of the iPhone application and the growth in the number of iPhone users in the recent years led to the change in decision in launching it in the iPhone platform.
The Apple Connection

Apple has always been instrumental in producing some of the best iPhone application and games over the period of time. The apple co-foundation has its own research lab which takes the trouble of making new applications. Over a decade has passed and the innovations are uncountable. Thus Apple foundation continues to be one of its kinds in giving service to the people.

The Audience Reaction

The iPhone enthusiasts have welcomed this application with a positive bent of mind. Some people proclaim it as a boon in the iPhone application category and say it is the best of its kind. Some say that this application has made the iPhone a bit slower. Although the protagonists say it the wonder but there shall always be critics to take out flaws in good things. Whatever it might be the disadvantages are too less and nothing as compared to the advantages.

Massachusetts General Hospital has launched this iPhone application as the savior for people in emergency conditions and it has been welcomed by all.