Even the titans and the business giants face problem. The makers of iPhone now face public allegation for the signal problem. Even the top social sites are fighting for the cause.

Every new product launched in the market has its own issues. No matter whatever the brand name is, there are always technical problems associated with it. Still the companies strive to manage their reputation and dignity to face the fierce competition. It’s not complicated it happens with everybody. While many companies admit their mistakes and workout for the recovery, still there are others who remain stubborn and bring about a decline in their brand names.

Worst Case Scenarios

There have been many cases about technical problems for which big brand name companies had to suffer a lot. Nokia had it once when the BL-5C batteries were found to be damaged. The company ordered to replace all the BL-5C series batteries throughout the world and that too free of cost. Similar cases have been reported in many countries.

The iPhone Issue

The gadget junkies and the tech world were staggered when the iPhone problems came in to the lime light. Still the company like apple kept quiet on the matter. It was not until the thing was brought to notice to some of the prominent sources that finally Steve Jobs opened his mouth and demonstrated on how to use the iPhone correctly. While many appreciated his gesture to come forth and speak directly to the public but there were still others who were upset due to the company’s negligence. According to a source one of the user said that he had been experiencing such problems from the instance he bought the iPhone but the fact that if the branded companies like Apple don’t take up the responsibility of their mistake angered him.

The main problem with iPhone is that its signal catching compatibility is too faint. The reception quality is too low. According to Gizmodo, other Apple products too have the same problem. At last Apple acknowledged the signal problem. In another public demonstration Steve Jobs showed how holding the iPhone in a proper orientation could help to combat the signal problem. They also introduced new case for iPhone which can solve the signal reception problem. The common man speaks that if the signal problem is due to the structural defect in the making process then why should he buy the bumpers and they should be given free to all the people who purchased it.

Facebook Helps

Finally the leading social networking site Facebook comes up with notion to ask users to file petition for either replacement of their iPhone or provision of the Bumpers freely. A large number of people since have joined this Facebook page for the common cause. Thus Apple needs to speak out and provide an answer for the same.

The leading gadget company Apple is facing public allegations as the new iPhone 4 faces signal problems. The company acknowledges the problem but does nothing about it. Finally social networking sites like Facebook are making effort to file petition for the cause.