An amazing spectrum of iPhone stands is available in the market including iPhone Horn, iStuck Bubble gum stand, Bent Spoons and Fork stand etc.

You love your iPhone, don’t you? It’s a perfect gadget when you are on the go and has an array of functions and spectrum of apps. It’s a device that has become everyone’s necessity. iPhone is a proud possession and a style statement. Talking about flaunting a style statement, it is never complete without some cool accessories.

There is a huge market for phone accessories, which not just enhance your iPhone’s looks but also provide them protection. These accessories include iPhone stands also, which are one of the most sought after and the most demanded ones.

Some of the most bought iPhone stands are:

iPhone Horn

The iPhone Horn stand gives a dual benefit to the music lovers. Apart from being a perfect stand for your iPhone, it also boosts the audio output of your phone by as much as 13 decibels. The best part is your phone’s battery life remains intact. It is available for US$ 22.

iStuck Bubble Gum Stand

A bubblegum can work as an adhesive in a situation where the sole of your shoe comes out without a prior notice (just for fun). But ever imagined that it can become your iPhone’s stand? Yes! iStuck Bubble Gum Stand is a rubberized stand and holds your device perfectly. It looks like a chewed wad of bubble gum that could have been stuck to your shoe. You can grab this one for US$ 5.99.

Bent Spoons and Fork Stand

Have you ever imagined if cutlery can be used as an amazing stand for your iPhone! Well, some creative minds at ForkedUpArt have come up with an amazingly creative iPhone stand made from spoons and forks. You can buy this for US$ 20.

Cox and Cox iPhone Soldier

Your personal soldiers will obey your command and lie down to support your iPhone. This soldier stand offers a great angle, for your iPhone, which will be ideal in case you are watching a movie. This green colored stand is available in a set of two.

Credit Card iPhone Stand

If the conventional stands appear bulky and space consuming to you, then how about having an iPhone stand that is as sleek as a credit card? Well, Sniper Stand is one of those kinds. It is a highly portable stand for your iPhone with a slot that accommodates your credit card and provides support for the stand. It is available for US$ 10.