Are you bored with your latest phone service? Or are not satisfied of quality pictures your phone offers you?

These are just some of the issues why people are shifting to digital cameras instead of using their own camera phones.

But, worry not; if you are an iPhone users. New applications are coming on their way to help you with all these problems as they seek to provide you a better experience.

What’s new?

Apple has been into quite a cool stuff lately to add up in the iPhone applications.

This involves making your photos way cooler than ever.

Say goodbye to your digital cameras and hello for the new photo applications by Apple Corp.


This is one of the applications that will add up to your needs. This specialized application involves in turning your picture into a photo postcard. You don’t have to go searching for a postcard and postage to help you send it to your friends and loved ones. One click for picture, with the use of HazelMail application, then your photo is ready to go.

Although this application is free to download, the sending process will cost you of $1. Quite an amount compared to the hassle and costs when postcard manual sending will be done.


Another great application for iPhone, the Pano is used to make a high end quality of picture making you feel that you are in with the scene of the picture.

It will make a picture go to a wider view, thus making it more realistic than ever.

Juxtaposer Lite

This is another interesting and cool stuff of application. This is quite cool compared to the others because of its unique way of making pictures. With this, you can go exchange person and places to or on another picture.

You can make your own photo of yourself transferred into another scene of photo. Making it look as if it is real.


Tired of uploading pictures over your laptop and computers to create a cool video and upload it?

Then this application might help you as it specializes in editing and making pictures put into your own choice of sequence and adding some music background to create a 30 seconds video. This is cool in making treasured pictures of friends and family more meaningful.


Last but not the least of course, is this kind of application which specializes in making a stop motion video. This is also a quite interesting stuff because it will enable you to make dozens of pictures depends on the choice of time, connect them and create a video through it with a stop motion effect. Don’t forget the additional cool background music.

These are all the interesting applications for a new iPhone photo service, a very cool and innovative style of making your boring pictures more meaningful and interesting.

Now, you can say totally goodbye to your digital cameras and bring the power of iPhone to a new level of not just a mere tool for communication but also for good entertainment function and service for your treasured and stored picture memories.