The iPod Classic was considered to be one of the largest selling electronic gadgets in the world. After its launch, more than a million units of the iPod Classic were sold within a matter of months. The true charm of the iPod Classic does not lie in the type of music and the quality of sound that it provides but the classic look that it has. The iPod Classic had never failed to mesmerize any customer with its stunning looks and along with the quality of sound and storage capacity that it had. However, recently stocks of iPod Classic have decreased at retail stores and ecommerce websites as well.

There is speculation that Apple may make changes to the iPod Classic or it may be discontinued in near future. When iPod Classic was unveiled, there was huge demand for the gadget. This led to an increase in the price of the product. With the increase in the demand for the iPod Classic, the supply also got decreased in the market. New models of iPod are also now available, which have become very popular among people. So it can be understood from this very fact that perhaps it may be the end of the iPod Classic.