iPod Nano hit the market during second half of the 2005, though it has been almost five years; the iPod Nano is still a fascinating gadget which does not fail to fancy the buyers. Sure thing, there have been countless new gadgets, including Microsoft Zune, which was released within the similar time span. However nothing has been able to hinder the popularity of the iPod Nano amongst the tech geeks, and music lovers.

What really makes the iPod nano special is the sheer fact that it presents the perfect blend of sleek looks, utility, large storage capacity and availability in vibrant colors. You get all this at an affordable price.

It is simply a dream gadget for all the hardcore music fans that simply refuse to take the ear plugs off even while they’re driving, reading books, or eating food. Here’s an insight to iPod Nano, and why people love this tiny gadget.

Storage Capacity

Apple launched the Nano with 2GB storage capacity, which could store about 500songs; but, the company soon realized that the customers will be longing for more. And, they soon launched the 4GB version that can store up to 1000 songs.

Pretty soon, there were demands in both directions; the economy class buyers started looking out for a cheaper option, and at the same time Apple presented the 1GB version. The high end users were still not satisfied with the 4GB storage capacity; so Apple decided to launch the 8GB version too, which could easily store all your favorite photos and over 2000 songs.

Looks & Utility

Another reason why the iPod Nano has been extremely popular is the fact that it is not too bulky to carry around. As a matter of fact, you can even put the device in your pocket, and you won’t feel more weight than few coins! Initially, it was 1.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches long, had a thickness level of about 6.9 mm; but, Apple released an ultra slim version, which was just 6.5 mm thick.

To spice up the looks of iPod nano, Apple marketed it in vibrant colors, making it the favorite amongst the young college-going users.

Last but not the least; despite good looks, sleek design, and powerhouse performance, the iPod Nano only comes with 14 hours battery life, which is more than enough to enjoy you music entertainment.

As the demand and popularity of the iPod Nano increased, the company released a newer version with upgraded battery life of up to 24hours, allowing the music lovers to enjoy their favorite music tracks 24/7 without any kind of interruptions.

The Apple iPod Nano is a dream company, when you’re going out on trips, and planning to travel a long distance alone! You will definitely not feel bored with the iPod Nano beside you.

Furthermore, the iPod Nano is compatible with over 1,000 accessories, allowing you to connect it to home stereo speakers, car adapters, and other devices seamlessly. So, stay hooked to music all time with the lovely iPod Nano!