A Vietnamese website Tinh tế is on a winning spree. It has gone ahead and actually posted the third hardware leak that has been made by Apple within a fortnight. After getting its paws on the fourth generation iPhone prototype and the Macbook which is updated Tinh tế has now claimed that it has an iPod touch prototype which also has a camera on its rear. The iPod third generation touch which had a much touted launch last October had been said to come equipped with a camera similar to that of the iPhone. But, the product which was launched did not have the camera much to the disgust of prospective buyers. A clear cut picture by iFixit showed that there was some space so that a small low end camera model can be fitted in the third generation iPod touch.

Tinh tế revealed its protoype which was extremely similar looking to the third generation iPod touch. In fact Tinh tế had gone a step ahead and installed a central camera in the exact place where it was expected to be found. Wired noted that this is the protoype that is being designed for the third generation iPod touch and probably not what Apple seems to be working on for its fourth generation device that they are expecting to launch with a lot of fanfare. The design would be very similar to that of a fourth generation iPhone. Wired did note that keeping the design similar would help keep the cost low and ensure that they were able to maintain and economical $199 market entry price.

This prototype has engraved a DVT-1 which along with the fourth generation iPhone means design verification test number 1. The whole unit comes in a plastic covering with different labels marking out different parts. This is a very common phenomenon with device prototypes. The other stiff we get is that the device is fitted with a 35 nm Samsung NAND. Though, Samsung has upgraded to 30 nm process for the same NAND chips. This prototype can also run the iPhone OS 31 test vision which has a custom based interface which can help in performing different types of diagnostic tests. One of the test for example is about the camera hardware which Tinh tế has clarified that it works for video input.

Since Tinh tế has demystified the whole Apple iPod there has been one query on everyone’s mind about what is the connection about the Vietnamese site and the Apple leaks. It has been posting on a regular basis. Last week, the iPod touch was the third product or device that Tinh tế had posted on the Vietnamese technology forum. When it was rounded up what was behind the leaks. We got in touch with the forums founder and got to learn that the authencity of the products have still been unverified. Apple has not commented so far on any of Tinh tế leaks.