Iranian State media agency has reported that a complex computer worm has infected the personal computers of staff members. The worm has been termed as a Stuxnet worm which has the capability of controlling the computers of the nuclear power plant.

The media report stated that the only the staff computers have been affected and the the Bushehr plant was not harmed by the worm. A team of Iranian computer scientist is in the process of removing the worm.

According to experts the Stuxnet worm has been created by a complex code which may suggest that, it may have been created by an institute or agency, however rumors are that Israel’s intelligence- Mossad may be capable of delivering such a worm into the heart of the Iranian nuclear program. These rumors come amidst growing resentment of US and Israel towards Iran increasing nuclear potential.

The Iranian defense ministry has out rightly suggested the involvement of foreign elements in releasing the Stuxnet worm in which it has said that “an electronic war has been launched against Iran”

However the worm has been reported to affect other nations as well including Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.