iPhone which became an instant hit when Apple launched it in 2006, after that three versions of iPhone have been launched with various storage capacities. The mobile turned out to be a good seller worldwide, while opening up new modes of earning money. Now it was recently found that the Apple has stopped shipping iPhone 3G to all the AT&T stores worldwide. It was also found that in countries like Australia and United Kingdom, iPhone 3G wasn’t available.

iPhone 3G was the version launched in 2008 after the launch of iPhone. After the launch of iPhone 3G, Apple played with its price policies and tweaked the prices of simple phone to as low as 99$ while throwing away iPhone 3G at 299$. After a year of the launch of iPhone 3G, Apple launched iPhone 3GS and made the iPhone 3G available at throw away prices of 99$. Many expect that the new iPhone will be launched sooner then expected as the production of iPhone 3G may have been stopped.

It has been rumored that the new mobile will be named iPhone HD and it will again allow Apple to play with its price policies and they will bring the price of iPhone 3GS to 99$ depending on the storage capacity while giving away the new mobile to its customers at just 299$ and 399$. One of the reasons of discontinuation of iPhone 3G maybe that various features of the new iPhone operating system four may not be available on iPhone 3G. It was also seen that Wal-Mart has cut down the rate of iPhone 3GS to 97$ with one year subscription, which is also a clear indication that the launch of the new iPhone is close. Apple has a number of units to sell, after the launch of the new iPhone, but the pricing will always be a surprise.

The new rumored iPhone which is going to be the latest trend in technology is supposed to have faster processing and double resolution camera. The components in the phone have been squeezed to minimal to provide the space for a larger battery. The phone is going to feature a new case and a vivid screen. All these features are surely going to differentiate the new iPhone from all the old range of iPhone launched yet.
Many geeks are skeptic about the launch of new iPhone this year and they are just writing off that Apple has just run out of stock, and the new stock will shipped over in a month. Whether this is true or whether the launch is close, is all secretly guarded in the Apple’s quarters.