Although cloud computing has been generating a lot of buzz in the field of IT now a days. This kind of security networking solutions seems like out weighing all bad things. But one very considerable thing is that security plays a very much crucial role in such kind of networking and computing. As a lot of data is stored on cloud servers from different users and many users completely rely on cloud security server to store all their data so due to this reason cloud security server is becoming the hottest spot for virus authors to attack and get their work done. Most of the times this data is very sensitive and important and no one can afford to loose such important data.

Main steps that need to be taken for more security:

It is very important for cloud computing to put more security threads in order to make their data more secure and win the battle against hacking systems that can break in easily and destroy the entire database. There is a great need for the data and infrastructure to be thoroughly checked and tested again and again so that more security can be guaranteed. Customers should be able to see the capabilities of vendors to have and idea whether they are able to provide full proof security to their data or not because data on these clouds is very sensitive and no one will like to let his data miss used because it can eventually lead to destruction of business and interests of individuals.

Issues that should be kept in mind while dealing with a vendor:

Here are some of the main points and issues that you are supposed to discuss with a vendor if you are a customer and to implement them in your plan if you are a vendor and planning to provide services to different customers.

Log Management:

When you are storing your data out side the physical location of your company then you should keep one thing in mind that you have the right to know about the company as much as possible. Since you are relying on them to store all your important data base so you should have the right to know about all those people who have administrative access to the cloud server.

Data Recovery and Investigation:

This point is very much important as there is no use of storing your data on an external server when there is no guarantee of data recovery or you cannot investigate about your data in future. So in this case vendor should make it clear that in case the main server or cloud crashes, all data will be secured and there will be no loss of data and it can be recovered easily. Solution providers should be liable for the investigations when a server clashes and they should make this thing sure that it never happens in future again. Providing backups is also from industry standards.

With out proper setup it is not easy to provide cloud security and networking services as this is a real responsible duty and you are responsible for your customer’s loss as well. Customer has the right to investigate and ask about any security measure taken from your side.