Is cyber bullying getting out of control?

Have you ever been teased or humiliated online in a multi player game or on a social networking site? Then you have been a victim of Cyber bullying. Cyber Bullying is the process of utilizing resources on the internet to tease, harass, provoke, torment, threaten, humiliate, embarrass and intimate a person.

People have taken it lightly as they believe it is happening online and the kids would shrug it off as soon as they are off the game or the internet. But this is not the case, Cyber Bullying as far more destructive effects on the child then one can imagine. For any proof just observe a gaming session of kids aged between ten to fourteen, lets take that they are playing Counter Strike, an as soon as the game starts, one would hear shouts of abusive language everywhere, denoting the weak in the oppositions team, also sledging the whole team with language never heard. There have been incidents related to death and murder as these sessions have left far sided effects on the child’s brain. They feel so complexed and tormented that they utilize the violence they see on the internet to shrug off their opponent in real life.

Cyber bullying is turning into a serious social issue which needs to be addressed quickly by the schools, parents and educators. One needs to quickly find efficient ways to overcome this dose of madness. A report has published the findings that almost fifty percent of the kids have been bullied and threatened online and the same number of kids has threatened their peers too.

Cyber bullying is done in following ways, by sending a threatening email, continuously sending threat messages on instant messengers and mobile phones. Then posting messages on various sites by impersonating someone else and then by also forwarding private content of children to the other people.

Researches have found that Cyber Bullying is a result of anger, arrogance and the complex feeling the child gets when he sees someone superior to him. And the kids take it lightly as they think it is just pertained to internet. But the consequences of such action are hard and quiet dangerous.  As the threatened kids start living under a fear, which may drive them to end their lives. They start feeling that their social life is ruined and they are worthless. They start believing what others call them, that is losers, cowards and many other terms.

Schools and parents have to come forward to create an action plan to stop such vandalism. They should start teaching the kids to take it all lightly. The kids should be taught to respect others to gain respect from others. Schools exceed their authority further from the school to the off campus and online bullying. Even the bullies need to be taught about the consequences of their actions and what major implications they are creating by bullying kids online.

It may have got out of control, but take the lead and take the matter into control won’t take time, with parent understanding and listening to their kids. The time has come to address the issue at a very serious level.


  1. It is getting worse and worse and people are committing suicide over harming others over cowards posting junk over the internet. There needs to be some changes in internet laws. If a company continues to allow cyberbullying and refuses to make real changes to try and prevent some of this stuff they should be held partially accountable and don’t give me the first amendment argument. The first amendment was not intended for people to break the law. Libel and defamation are criminal offense as is sex trafficking (ie Craig’s List) and sexual predators. The worst offender of this sort of stuff is a company called Topix. They don’t even require registration and don’t moderate their forums.

  2. Matt W

    The place where bullying needs to be addressed is at home first, and in the community (schools, camps, sports teams, etc) second. There is a distinction between babying kids and isolating them from the realities of society, and forcing them to continually exist in oppressive bullying situations where they finally are driven to suicide.

  3. I think cyber bullying is awful and is a hoorid thing to do but i also think that in some cases such as at my school there are very strict consiquences if you are caught bullying (any type not just cyber bullying.)i agree that the law should be stricter on bullying as it is a serious afence.

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