In a recent Facebook message, the social circle of one user’s Facebook account received the announcement of the public service of the sort: “This goes out to all of the girls with whom I had been that today I was tested for Herpes and it came out to be positive.” The privacy is not just what it previously used to be. The social networking companies, among which Facebook is at the forefront, having the business model hungry for obtaining the personal data as well as the youthful generation are trying to pull out the 21st century to such a culture which is more transparent. The stated mission of Facebook is to give people more power to share and to make the world more open as well as connected. In other words it can be said that it allows the people for knowing more about each other.

Sharing Information

This comes as the long standing social mores as well as the sensibilities are now shaken by the convergence of the technologies of Silicon Valley. Apart from facebook, based on Palo Alto, the web sites like YouTube and Twitter are encouraging hundreds and millions of people for sharing their information as well as the images. The gadgets are also developed for this purpose and from PC to iPad, it has been made simple for the users for creating, accessing and also for communicating the huge amount of the digital data. Yahoo, Microsoft and Google and many of the other such companies have made it easier for finding all of this information.

Robert Ellis Smith of Privacy Journal

Robert Ellis Smith, who is the publisher of the Privacy Journal – a publication which has been tracking the impact of technology as well as the law on privacy from the year 1974, has said that Facebook has no doubt changed privacy’s nature on the internet and for this it actually encourages the people for making the maximum disclosure about their personal information without regarding the possible consequences. He further said that Facebook also involves a lot of young people who either are not old enough to give out meaningful consent or they do not have enough of the life experiences that allow them to know the consequences.

Attitude or the Behavior

It is said by many of the consumer advocates as well as the lawmakers that Facebook, Twitter and many of the other companies should do something more for protecting the users who do not understand how much of their data is exposed. It is being argued by some that the laws for strengthening the personal rights on the internet should also anticipate the unintended results of the advanced technologies. For example, with the help of the improvements in the facial recognition it is possible that a greater number of the individuals would be identified with the photos or videos on the web without knowing that they want it or not. Also, the individuals would have no control on the fact that whether their images would be posted by others or other make comments about their images.