The online gaming site Roiworld, took a survey in April 2010, according to which about 19% of teenage Facebook users seemed to have given up on Facebook. Social networking websites are a great way to keep in touch with family and friends as well as a fantastic mode of getting to know people with interests complementary to that of your own. These websites include the likes of MySpace, Bebo, Twitter and of course, Facebook. 78% of teenagers confessed to having a Facebook account of which 69% users maintained they used their accounts frequently. Lately, it has been noticed that the consumers seem to be losing interest in social networking websites and Facebook is no exception to the norm. At the same time, this can also be interpreted as Facebook is not suffering from anything worse as compared to other such networking websites.

Facebook Fatigue

Statistics may help to paint a picture of the current scenario. Roiworld dubs this phenomenon as “Facebook Fatigue”!

  • About 27% of teenagers, as per the survey, are simply bored with the constant and numerous notifications.
  • 21% stopped using Facebook as their friends had stopped using it whereas a similar percentage confessed that they were simply exhausted with all the activity on Facebook.
  • Users amounting to 20% refrain from using the website due to inconsequential advertisements.
  • There was even a select 16%, according to the survey, who found quitting the better way out because their parents and elders seem to be taken by Facebook!

By and large, the verdict seems to be Facebook just didn’t seem to hold their interest and these teenagers quit the immensely popular social networking website because they were bored.

New Ventures

Facebook on the other hand keeps coming forward with new ways to ensure the new and continued patronage of people all over the world by introducing new applications and encouraging developers to internationalize their Apps. For example, ClickCEOP is a new application with a social intent that acts as a child safety panic button which will make parents feel more secure about the safety of their children. In the long run, Facebook doesn’t seem ready to give up on the market monopoly and even if Facebook were to eventually become obsolete, the concept of social networking is here to stay.

What started out as a way to keep track of the dating activity around campus in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm has gone on to make waves all over the world. By maintaining the privacy of the millions of users and providing a free software development forum, Facebook has managed to win and keep a lion’s share of the social networking market. It is also quite well known as a gaming forum where users can play live games with one another. It cannot be denied that users all over the world wake up to Facebook. Sharing photos, videos, sending messages and in general, keeping in touch with people you care about is the basic appeal of Facebook. This is not something that is set to change anytime soon irrespective of Facebook fatigue reports.