To what extent can a company go to provide the full amount of satisfaction for the customers and the users of the product of that company? If you do not have any idea then it is perhaps time to get a look at the new range of OS, which is brought forth by Google in the recent days, which would perhaps obliterate the very existence of hard drives in laptops.

Google is such a company which believes in the policy of making continuous improvements in the way of life for its customers and it is for this reason that goggle has brought forth the Google Chrome OS which is perhaps one of the best OS’ available in the market.

The Google Chrome OS is an operating system, which is not being introduced for the PCs, but they have arrived for the laptops. Now, a person does not have to manage his hot, spinning hard drive, which is often the cause of a damaged power regulator chip. The Google Chrome OS has several new features installed in side it, which make the OS quite attractive in its own way. After the arrival of Google Chrome OS Google Chrome OS, a person does not have to get out of his browser window to do any kind of task for the reason that with using the Google Chrome OS, one can store his or her data online over the net by the help of the software. One does not need any such hard drive, which would hold the OS, and a person can always stay connected to the net.

The best possible part of the story is that a person can even manage his data, songs, movies, games and store them by controlling the options of the browser window and hence it is being rightly commented by the Google officials that Google Chrome OS has brought forward the concept of putting everything in the browser window.

The latest brand of the CR 48 laptops by Asus and Samsung have brought forth the Google Chrome OS enabled laptops in the market and the price of the laptops are also very low. The prices of the laptops range from somewhere between $300 to $400. It is for this reason that most of the users who are looking for laptops, which would be compact and portable, yet long lasting and inexpensive, are going for the CR 48 series of laptops. The laptops have launched a surge of excitement in the market and it is especially for the Google Chrome OS, pre installed inside them that has made the laptops even more attractive and exiting at the same time. The laptops give the comfort of providing the WI FI, Verizon 3g and internet too.