Google is noted for being one of the world’s top search engines. However, it is a business that could be in trouble if it does not do more beyond its search engine services. This is according to a recent statement by Yahoo head Carol Bartz.

Bartz argues that Yahoo is growing in size primarily because of how Yahoo is offering a variety of different types of functions. It offers such things as news, games, online mail and auction services. The search engine is only a portion of what Yahoo has to offer.

Another thing that Bartz says is that Google is known primarily for its search engine and for nothing else. She stated in a recent BBC News interview that Google could get into some serious trouble if the website does not work to promote itself beyond just being a search engine.

An important sign of this comes from how Yahoo has been growing in its stature in recent times. Right now Google owns a vast majority of the United States search market. However, Yahoo has grown to where it covers about seventeen percent of the United States search market. The recent deal that was made between Yahoo and Microsoft to get Microsoft’s Bing to power Yahoo searches is expected to make this share increase.

Yahoo’s shares in search markets in other countries are growing as well. A major reason for this comes from how Yahoo has services that are available in more than twenty different languages. As Yahoo’s reach continues to grow the grasp that Google has on the market will more than likely weaken over time.

The financial growth of Yahoo is also something that is giving Google a run for its money. Yahoo’s most recent quarterly profit was about three times as high as that of what it got in the same quarter of last year. This is thanks to how Bartz has been focusing on getting the organisation of Yahoo to change. This has been the case since she took control of Yahoo after founder Jerry Yang left in early 2009

Bartz also says that she acknowledges that various social networking sites will end up getting more daily traffic than what Yahoo will get in the future. This is especially the case for Facebook. However, Bartz is banking on Yahoo’s massive variety of features and functions as things that will get it to thrive in the future. The ability to work alongside such fast growing sites like Facebook is something that is being widely touted by Yahoo as well.

Google is working with its own mobile operating system though. However, Yahoo is getting its own mobile application to become more accessible on a variety of devices. It can work on more than two thousand different types of devices today. This number is expected to rise thanks to the recent agreement that the company has made with Samsung.

While Google is still the top search engine in the world Yahoo is quickly moving up. It is expected to be a matter of time before Google gets into some serious trouble.