The technology aficionados have yet another reason to be excited about. The search engine giant Google, divulged details about its most ambitious project ever, the launch of Google TV. Industry giants Google, Intel and Sony are coming together to create the project, Google TV. An integrated and networked TV set that runs Android and Chrome, does Google ads and facilitates third-party applications via a built-in applications store, such will be the power of Google TV.

However, this news has been seen with mixed reactions throughout various industry sectors. Boxee, one of the most in-demand home theater PC programs, is seemingly threatened for its survival with the entry of Google TV into the living rooms of four billion TV viewers.

The launch of Boxee’s Box postponed

Yet another blow is cast in Boxee’s efforts to continue as the leading home theatre PC program. The release of its much- awaited and anticipated Boxee Box has been postponed from Quarter 2 of 2010 to November 2010. The announcement was made by Co-founder and CEO Avner Ronen. Industry experts opine that this delay could be detrimental to Boxee’s set-top hardware.

Many consumers have waited eagerly for months to buy and own the Boxee Box, this delay will be very frustrating for them. Although, in business, such delays are a common occurrence, Boxee cannot afford it, as Google TV is all geared to enter the living rooms with its multimedia and integrated experience and capture their attention.

The Impending rise of the Google TV storm

Google, the most dominant search engine on the web, is all set to enter TV’s $70 billion advertising market. The couch potatoes will be enthused with Google TV set to enable the utmost customization. Just as on smartphones, Google TV will enhance the experience of its viewers with third-party apps.

Google TV aims at integrating and merging the TV and the web into a perfect multimedia experience. Its goal is to facilitate the users to watch TV and search the web both concurrently, along with running Android apps.

Comparison of Google TV and Boxee:

Google TV plans to spice up a regular TV set with silicon logic and intelligent software. Moreover, Google and its partners plan to develop an Intel Atom-powered networked TV set capable of running Android and third-party apps. These TV sets will run the Google Chrome browser, have a built-in app-store, and have shiny menus alike the Apple TV.

While Boxee Box’s vision is to make the Boxee experience such where the users can play HD videos from the web or a local network in 1080p and use hardware acceleration when required. It will offer the viewers a TV browser capable of handling multiple applications, including Flash 10.1.

Although Boxee has a striking collection of TV channels and online content, Google TV has comparatively many more benefits. Google TV is integrated with Android, Google Search, and numerous customized applications, in addition to its strong partners Intel, Sony, Dish Network, Adobe, Best Buy and Logitech.

Google TV is seemingly a foremost threat to Boxee and the Boxee Box. The situation for Boxee has further worsened with the launch of Boxee Box being postponed. It remains to be seen if Boxee Box can succeed in this scenario.