If there is one debate that will never end then it has to the one related with our ever growing list of techno gadgets.  For those who have experienced the power of Apple Mac OS, there can be only two eras for them. One before the Mac OS when life was complicated and the other after its invention which is right before our eyes, the age when Apple has spread its wings and we have revolutionary products like iPods and iPads.

The biggest difference between all three of these devices is that all of them run on a different OS. While Mac is the oldest of the three and has been around the corner for quite some time and has been analyzed by the critics very minutely, as a result it has stood the test of times very boldly and proudly. But the iOS of iPods and iPads are more dynamic because they have an invaluable function of loading applications; it makes these devices more global and their usability increase many folds.

Many developers who have contributed for the iPhone OS unanimously agree that there will be a day when Mac will be replaced by these new generations’ operating systems but for now Mac is still standing on a pretty firm ground. And that is going to be the case for quite some time to come.

One area of concern was the shift of language as the old ones were based on Cocoa and Graphic C.  All the developers were in the favor that both of these tools have the best interfacing and are more users friendly that the other applications but not many are concerned about this phenomenon.  They all seem to agree on the common point that the only constant I the software industry is change hence even if we might be comfortable with graphic C, things will be heavily different in the next 5 or 10 years hence the notion of changing the language is not very out of context.

In the end all I say that Mac has stood firm in these days of fierce competition and now it’s sensing a danger because of its own evolved OS, but all the rumors must be put aside and Mac must be enjoyed till it can be. As it will take quite some time for iOS to become as dependable and famous as Mac, Since Mac has made many improvements then reached this stature while the other Apple OS have been around for only a short amount of time.