Unlike human beings, there is no average life specified for an operating system. You can run it as far as you think that applications that you use are compatible with the current operating system. There are a few more factors that need to be considered before you finally start believing that your operating system is ready for an upgrade.

Windows XP- Current State

Once we analyze the recent launches from Microsoft in the shape Windows Vista and Windows 7, you are going to get to know that Windows XP is lacking a lot of features that the lately launched platforms are providing. Windows XP was considered to be a platform that was supposed to last forever but there seems to be an end to the platform now. The best product in the early millennium has gone outdated now. Perhaps Windows 7 is the best replacement for the ancestor.

Statistics tell you that there are around 75% of the computers around the world that are running on Windows XP. Something that will even shatter you will be the state of the PCs. These PCs are at least five years old with a ball moving inside the mouse. This seems quite drastic. This is the probable reason that the operating system has been given a reprieve until 2015 and Microsoft will continue to work on Windows XP.


Windows XP can best be replaced by the latest version of Windows in the form of Windows 7 and you will be surprised by the excellent features that it brings. The Service Pack 1 is about to be launched in the near future so it seems to be the best time to update your operating system. You are going to have the reliable and secure operating system once you are going to make the transformation after the Service Pack 1 is installed. This will give you the opportunity to have a better experience compared to the initial releases of Windows 7.

This is the probable time that you make the shift as the latest version of many applications will not be available to XP users anymore. The first of these is Internet Explorer 9. The market share of Internet Explorer is certainly huge and the release of Internet Explorer 9 refers to the next generation internet explorers.

There seems to be hardly a reason that can justify you to use Windows XP anymore while there will still be people around the world who do not wish to upgrade to any new operating system. It might be because they are not comfortable with the way new operating systems are working or whatever the reason might be. You can have excellent features enhancements when it comes to Windows 7 and it is certainly the best time to keep yourself going with the flow. Stop using Windows XP and move on to the next generation. Even when you move on to buy a new computer or laptop, you are going to find Windows 7 everywhere apart from a very few netbooks still offering XP. It’s time that you move on.