One of the latest news related to the Chinese government is that its State Department has given $1.5 million to Falun Gong, a design software company. This huge amount of money has been given in order to ensure that they are able to deal with the Internet censorship. However, no final decision has yet been agreed upon based on the grant from the government.

Global Internet Freedom Consortium is working on the design of proxy server connections, virtual private networks and software tools that enable the Internet not to be censored and monitored.
GIGC tool called Freegate has been extensively used by Iranian protestors in the 2009, demonstration wherein they supported the use of the Internet uncensored and monitored.

This consortium came about when the Chinese government started stopping the Falun Gong members who had a spiritual movement going to stop as they thought that they were going against the authorities. The consortium leaders have asked for $4 million to be given by the State government.

This demand for a grant has got the Chinese official reaction as stating that we are certainly not going to support any anti-Chinese activities and this was said by Ma Zhaoxu, spokesperson for the Chinese government.

Ethan Zuckerman, who works at Berkman Center for Internet at Harvard stated that the GIFC software works effectively. But, the worry was that the consortium hadn’t shared the code and proxies as various tools are quite limiting when they come face-to-face with censorship.

In the next interview with the government, Zuckerman stated that the GIFC tool relies greatly on security by appearing not prominently. It is derived from a software code and not like the developers who gave Psiphon and Tor. According to him, the strongest codes are those that are published. Therefore, once the public is aware of the code and the algorithms that went into its making, the public can go ahead and study its shortfalls and give adequate suggestions.

All the proxies those are prevalent except Tor allows the proxy administrator to see Internet browsing habits of users. All the proxy traffic needs to go past proxy servers, the system administrators might actually have to block some websites because of the bandwidth that they need and they might not have that kind of bandwidth at their disposal.

Therefore, proxies can work like a part of the solution and people have to choose them in order to make them operational as they are not easy to run.

However, it is not really feasible for a government to make concessions on a proxy server in order to see the Internet traffic that passes through. Government will have to make sure that GIFC is able to run their own server cloud as they are run by guys who know coding really well and they can look at the code, modify it and then put it back in the server.