The question “Is Twitter effectively the fastest growing search engine?” is being asked far and wide by all users of the internet. There are various reasons of these kinds of questions to arise. In one way, Google seems to be lagging behind and that is when it comes to social networking. Google has tried to be the giant that tries to put a foot into every bastion related to technology. They were the first to start one of the revolutions by giving the free search engine that has helped billions of people over the years.

Google’s Social Media Venture

Google started foraging into various other bastions too and created a browser. Not being satisfied with that, they also created a browser for the mobile phones and now they are rapidly changing the features every few months and updating the software. Google also created a social networking site called Orkut that caught on the imagination of the people of South America and also Asia, but it is not being widely used by the people of the other parts of the world.

The fact that Google has been trying to foray into social networking is not surprising when one considers the time that is spent by internet users on this site. As they build a profile and also create friends, it is difficult for the people to jump into another site very soon, but there is no harm in Google trying to change the people and make them use its own social networking site.

Twitter as the next Search Engine

The number of people who are using Twitter as a search engine is in the millions per day. This is unimaginable. Twitter that was a social networking site has now become a search engine paradise. In fact the number of searches that are being conducted on Twitter has made the site to offer tough competition to the Google search and also the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing of Microsoft. Certain surveys have also made it clear that Twitter is fast becoming a threat to some of the other major players as far as the searches are concerned.

In fact, the CEO of Twitter has been saying that Twitter is trying to better the search engine that it is presently having. If this happens, which is very likely then the exodus of people from other search engines seems to be looming large because of the sweet thought of being in touch with your loved ones and also network at the same time as you are searching on the internet.

As a starting point for the changes that are likely to happen, Twitter has started forming partnerships and forging alliances with various people in trying to better their search engines. As the number of people who start moving to Twitter for the search engine occurs, there is sure to be a massive change in the advertising patterns and more people are likely to advertise on the search engine that is growing than another that is on its way down. The next few months are very crucial for both Twitter and Google. It is important for Twitter to continue its growth and important for Google to stem its slide as far as the search engine is concerned because if this does not occur, it could cause a domino effect.