Do you know if your computer is in the best shape it can be? Well, here is one way to start achieving this if you would like to optimize the performance of your computer: keeping your computer up to date! Microsoft release security updates regularly to make sure your system is protected from nosy hackers and their system infiltrating programs. Follow this guide to learn how to keep your computer updated.

To check whether your system is up to date, run Windows updates with these steps:

·    Click Start and search windows update in the search box. Run Windows Update.

·    Click Check for updates.

·    To update your system, click Install updates.

Optional Updates

There are two types of updates you can install in your system, important updates and optional updates. By default, Windows Update will prompt you to install only important updates. Optional updates can be installed as well if you click Optional updates available. When you have chosen the updates you want installed, you can click OK.

Optional updates are usually updates that are not crucial for the security of your system, but may add functionality to your existing programs and devices.

Automatic Updates

You can keep your computer automatically up to date by turning on automatic updating. Windows will install important and recommended updates. After following these steps, you no longer have to run Windows Update manually:

· Click Start and search windows update in the search box.

· Run Windows Update.

· Click Change settings in the panel to the left.

· Select Install updates automatically (recommended) under Important updates.

· Select Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates under recommended updates and then click OK.

If you are on a shared computer, you may want to authorize other users to install updates as well by selecting “Allow all users” to install updates on this computer under Who can install updates. However, this only applies to manual updates since automatic updates will be installed for all users.

If you are like me, and like to monitor every installation on your computer, you can select Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them under the Important updates option. This allows you to read the descriptions of every update before downloading and installing them on your computer.

Other Program Updates

You can also allow Windows Update to update other Microsoft programs by following these instructions after Windows Update is running:

· Click Change settings in the panel to the left.

· Select Give me updates for Microsoft products and check for new optional Microsoft software when I update Windows under Microsoft Update.

By checking in the settings of your individual programs, you may be able to run automatic updating services in them as well. Antivirus programs normally have this option.

Getting into the habit of updating your computer can save you from problems related to outdated software and incompatible drivers. It is also a good way to ensure your security as you use Windows. If you would like more information about updates for programs that have not appeared in Windows Update, you can visit the official website of the publisher or manufacturer. Get into the habit, stay updated and stay safe!