In what seems to be an ironical stance against the iPad, the Israeli communications ministry has banned the iPad from entering the country for the time being. According to the Israeli newspaper- Haaretz, the communication ministry was sighting broadcast bandwidth to be the major cause of banning the iPad for the time being.

Due to the limited testing of the iPad in U.S., the communication ministry is not ready to accept any iPads entering the country as they will be confiscated by the authorities.  According to the ministry,” The iPad device sold exclusively today in the United States operates at broadcast power levels compatible with American standards. As the Israeli regulations in the area of Wi-Fi are similar to European standards, which are different from American standards, which permit broadcasting at lower power, therefore the broadcast levels of the device prevent approving its use in Israel.”

This statement comes as a big surprise to many technology experts. In the recent past there have never been issues with regard to allowing any new gadget in the Israeli economy. But for the time being nobody knows how long the Israeli government will ban the iPad, besides its international release has already been delayed for some reasons.